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Decor Rules Meri Saheli Women Hindi

decor rules


To decorate your home in a new way, adopt the new decor rules so that every room of the house looks special.

living room
You don’t need to do much for a living room makeover. You can give a different look to the living room by changing sofa covers, carpets, curtains, cushions etc.


trendy look
To give a trendy look to the living room, select soft color carpets like rust, brown, gray. Prefer plain white or beige color for sofa cover. Makeover a sofa set with cushions that match the carpet. Give a trendy look to the room with blind curtains.

ethnic look
If you want to give an ethnic look to the living room, then choose beige or plain white shades for the carpet and sofa set. Choose chikan, Kalamkari fabric for the curtain. Give an ethnic look to the living room with shimmer-shiny home accessories.

funky look
You can give a funky look to the living room by choosing a sofa set and carpet in olive green or orange shades. Keep the base of the curtain light, but use a bold motif on top to give it a funky look. Similarly, do a sofa makeover with cushions with bold motifs.

festive look
Choose red or maroon shade carpets for a festive look. Give a festive feel to the living room with a sofa set in Dull Gold or Beige. Choose zari, brocade, beaded or tissue fabric in gold or silver shade for the curtain.
dining room
After giving an attractive look to the living room, people often bypass the decoration of the dining room, but you should not do this. How to give a different look to the dining room? Come on, let’s tell.


modern look
Dining table, chair, to give a modern look to the dining room
Buy crockeries and more in modern shapes and styles. instead of printed
Prefer a plain table cloth. for dining table decoration
Select a glass or oxidized steel flower pot.

traditional look
To give a pure Indian or traditional feel to the dining room, choose a traditional fabric like batik, bandhani, Lucknowi for the table cloth. Choose a dining table, chair and crockeries in traditional patterns. Makeover of a dining table with a glass or wrought iron candle stand.


smart ideas
* If you cannot make a dining room in a separate room, then set a dining table in a special corner of the kitchen.
* According to the occasion, change the table mat, coaster, napkin holder to give a trendy look to the dining table.
* If there is a shortage of space, then choose a folding dining table and chair.
* Buy fresh flowers and beautiful candles to decorate the dining table.
* Make the dining room attractive with bright lighting arrangement.

To give a special look to the most special and personal room of the house i.e. bedroom, adopt the following decor ideas.


classy look
For a classy look, choose bedsheets in soft colors like white, pistachio green, blue. Makeover the bed with silk’s colorful cushions and pillows. Select soft colors for the curtain, such as light blue, lime yellow, baby pink, etc.

cool look
To give a cool look to the bedroom, you can experiment with blue shades, such as – lay a light blue bedsheet on the bed and makeover the bed with pillows of dark blue shade. For wall painting, apply light blue on three walls of the room and dark blue shade on one wall.

fresh look
For a fresh look, choose green shade bedsheets, pillow covers. Khadi fabric is best for curtains. You can also give a fresh look to the bedroom with fresh flowers.

romantic look
Give a romantic touch to the bedroom by laying a bedsheet of bright shade like red, pink, purple. Bright shade cushions, decorative candles, fresh flowers also give a romantic look to the bedroom.


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