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Often we see that some people work very hard, are loyal to their work, are good natured, but despite all this, they often fail. Their work gets spoiled, even if it is from home, family, job, business, education, whatever field. Deteriorated works can be rectified by Vastu. Come, let us know about this in detail.

drawing room
* Never put heavy curtains in the drawing room. Due to this the dust and soil sticks in the screen, due to which the housewives often fall ill.
* Decorate the room with wooden furniture as far as possible, such as chair, sofa, table etc. In fact, having wooden furniture, the energy flowing through sunlight, wind etc. falls directly on a particular person, that is, wood does not absorb them in itself. In contrast, other metals like iron, steel
When furniture is made of metals, all the energy goes inside the ground.
* Keep very heavy brass decoration items in the south and south direction in the drawing room.
* By applying fresh flowers in the living room, their fragrance keeps the atmosphere of the house good, while fake flowers are a symbol of artificial life.
* Many times people do things related to their business in the drawing room. In such a situation, sit and talk according to your direction, that is, the direction which is favorable to the particular person, if they sit there, then success always comes. Bad things happen.

room color
If the color of the drawing room does not match with that of the homeowner, then he will never feel like sitting in the living room. Whatever business he has, he will not be successful in it. Light colors especially cream color, which suits everyone, that is, suits any ascendant person, get it installed in the room. Anyway, it is the favorite color of Lakshmi.

Its choice is determined on the direction of the particular person. Do not keep the room lighting too bright. There should be a proper window for the air to come in. Do not put a picture of any of your friends in the bedroom. This accumulates the effect of negative energy.

room color
Avoid using dark colors in the bedroom. Always use light colors in the room. This keeps sweetness in the relationship.

room bed
The bed of the room should be of wood only, not of any metal. The height, length, width of the bed should be according to the person. The bedding should be soft and the sheets should be mostly white or light cream coloured. If the color is not according to the person, then the person gets into trouble. So consider these aspects as well.

children’s education
Keep the children’s room or table in the east or north direction. The most auspicious is the east, because the light of the sun comes from here. Put some toys in their room and put a picture of any famous person who always inspires them.
Keep doing how these great men fought in life and became great. Never talk negative to them, always do positive things.

house of worship
The temple in the house in the northeast (east) direction is auspicious. The temple should not be kept in the west and south direction. Apart from this, the idol in the temple should not be kept too high or broken or the image of God in a mutilated state. As far as possible, keep only two or three more idols of your deity. Do not keep broken, broken idols, idols brought from old places or temples. Light incense-lamps, ringing bells and conch shells removes negative effects. Pure air circulates.

According to Vedas, Upanishads and all Vastu texts, the kitchen should be made in the angle of fire. If this is not possible, then kitchen can also be made in the west angle. If this is also not possible, then kitchen can be made in the fire angle of any room except the north-east, but gradually its auspiciousness decreases. Keep in mind that while preparing food, the face should be in the east.

toilet and bathroom
Often people keep everything else clean, but do not pay attention to the toilet and bathroom. Due to this many times people slip and fall, due to which the bone is broken. Bathroom should be in east direction and toilet should be in south and west direction. Take special care of the cleanliness of the toilet for mental health.
special: Bathroom in Northeast/Southeast angle is always inauspicious.


at the time of construction
Vastu rules should be followed while constructing any new building. Before construction, the map should also be made according to Vastu. As far as possible, the constructed building should not be vandalized. Vaastu-defects can also be removed by means, such as by installing a device in the wrong direction or place, for the peace of the entire building, at the main door and the doors of all the rooms inside. Auspicious Symbols- Horseshoe, Swastika, Om etc. symbol can be marked. Tulsi plant can be taken advantage of by placing it in a faulty place/direction. By doing Nava Parayan of Shri Ramcharitmanas in a monolithic form nine times in the house, the defects caused by Vastu are removed. What are the problems faced in Vastu from different directions, places and angles and how to overcome them? Let us have a look at these-

Northeast (North/East)
Northeast angle is the most important place or direction in Vastu. If the Northeast angle is corrupt, then there is no benefit even if all other places/directions are correct. Always keep this direction clear. There should be no dirt here. This space must be empty. This place is considered to be the abode of the deity. Here the place of worship is most suitable. Do not forget to keep a broom in this direction.
special: If this angle is increased, then it is auspicious.

Igneous angle (south/east)
There should not be any heavy stuff or dirt in this direction. There should never be a water tank (underground).

southeast angle (south/west)
It is most suitable for the bedroom of the head of the family and this place is beneficial for the owner of the shop. Heavy machines, heavy goods should be kept in this direction.
special: There should not be any kind of pit, basement, well in the southeast angle. It is very unfortunate.

Pneumatic Angle (North/West)
Suitable for toilet, septic tank. Useful for study room, garage. In this direction, the shop’s neck, cash box should not be kept.

Brahma place
The space (courtyard) in the middle of the plot has been named as Brahma Sthan. The courtyard should be open and clean. There should not be any dirty utensils or dirt in the courtyard. There should not be any kind of pit in the courtyard.

– Dr. Prem Gupta
Vastu and Palmistry Specialist

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