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Crystal will fulfill your wishes (Fengshui Tips)

Feng Shui Tips: Crystals Will Fulfill Your Desires (Fengshui Tips)

Crystal Lotus Pink Ornament

The energy present in the crystal is capable of driving away the negative energy around us. They bring positive changes in our health, fortune, relationships and environment. Crystals are capable of fulfilling our desires. How? Come on, let’s tell.

Good luck crystal, Fengshui tips- Crystal to fulfill your wish

How to purify crystals?
It is necessary to purify the crystal to fulfill the wishes of your mind. The method of its purification is given below:
* Mix four teaspoons of salt and water in a non-metallic glass.
* Keep the crystals immersed in it for a week.
* At the end of the week, remove the crystals from this water and wash them in running tap water. Throw away the glass of water.
* Now keep the crystal in a ceramic vessel and leave it in the morning sun for 2-3 hours.
* After this process the crystal is freed from all its old waves and now requires individual programming.

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How to ask?
* After this, first of all decide what do you want to get through the crystal?
* Think in your mind a clear picture of whatever you want. For example, if you want promotion, imagine that you are sitting on the chair of that post and your name and post are written on the table.
* Keep in mind that while imagining anything, keep smiling.
* Similarly, if you want happiness and health of the whole family from crystals, then imagine in your mind a smiling picture of the whole family, in which all the people are healthy and the women are wearing many ornaments.
* Keep in mind, the picture that emerges in your mind should be like a photograph. You should see everything in one picture. Practice this until you are completely satisfied with this picture.
* Now take the crystal in your left hand and cover it with your right hand.
* Now imagine the picture thought in mind and keep it in mind for 5-10 seconds.
* By doing this the crystal assimilate your desire. It is said that the energy emanating from the crystal after programming is positive for your wish fulfillment and your wish is fulfilled.

Crystal pendent,Fengshui tips- Crystal to fulfill your wish

How to use
* Wearing a pendant made of clear quartz crystal in a chain or thread and wearing it around the neck calms the mind and brings good luck. If you want, you can also wear its bracelet.
* If you want to attract the opposite sex towards you, then you can wear light pink color crystal.

where to put
* Hang or keep two clear quartz crystal balls on the south-west side of the house to strengthen the happiness and peace in the house.
* Keeping crystal balls in the south-west direction of the bedroom increases love between husband and wife.
* By keeping crystals in the living room, there is a feeling of mutual love among the members of the family.
* If you are wishing for daughter’s marriage, then keep a pink colored crystal ball in the daughter’s room and common south-west part of the house. Imagine the daughter as the bride and smiling with the groom while programming the crystal ball.

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