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colorful carpet Meri Saheli Women Hindi

Cool, classy, ​​colorful carpet

colorful carpet


Decorate your home with colorful carpets to give it a rich and classy look. How can you choose the best carpet for your dream home? Come on, let’s tell.

It is important to keep in mind the color while choosing the carpet.

dark red
Gone are the days of plain colors. Now the trend is of bright colors. In such a situation, decorate your house with a dark red carpet.

silver and gold
If you want to try something bold and bright, then decorate the floor with silver and gold carpet. This will not only enhance the beauty of your home, but will also give a feeling of royal look.

If you want to be a trend setter, then violet color carpet will be better for you. This type of carpet looks good in large rooms/halls.

It’s time to do something new and different. In such a situation, in this winter season, you can choose a warm orange color carpet to make your home attractive.


What’s in trend?
* Carpets with bright color and soft texture are being preferred more.
* The choice of carpet of applied and woven patterns will give a stylish and modern look to the house.
* The combination of green color with metallic and white and black print will give a rich look to your home.


important things
* While choosing the carpet, keep in mind the room. Choose the carpet according to the size and use.
* While buying carpet, either take a photo of your room or call the specialist at your home so that he can advise on buying the right carpet.
* If there is a pet in the house, then take care of it and choose the carpet.
* Buy carpets keeping in mind the right color and trend.
*Which one do you need carpet for bedroom, living room, study room etc.? Keeping this in mind, select the carpet.
* It is also important to take care of the light coming into the room. If the room gets enough natural light, choose a dark shade and a light shade carpet for low light.
* Choose the carpet keeping in mind the color of the walls.
* While buying carpets, make sure to check your budget and also the quality of the carpet.


How to clean the carpet
* Clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner once a week.
* You can also clean the carpet with a small brush.
* You can also clean the carpet with the help of a big brush by turning it upside down.
* If very dirty, you can take help of professional carpet cleaner.
* If tea / coffee / water etc. spills on the carpet, then immediately place a clean cloth on it and try to dry it. Yes, don’t forget to rub the carpet with the cloth.


Variety of Carpets
There are many types of carpets. You can choose them according to your need and budget. How many types of carpets are there? Come let’s know.

wool carpet
You can choose this type of carpet for rough and tough use. It is very easy to keep them clean. They are also very durable.

silk carpet
You can choose silk carpet for rich, classy, ​​royal look. Maintenance of this type of carpet is very difficult or rather it has to be used carefully to maintain the beauty of silk.

jute carpet
These types of carpets are economical. to nature
This carpet is best for those who are passionate and want to give a different look to the house. One of the drawbacks of jute carpet is that it cannot be used in damp areas.
can be done.

synthetic carpet
Nylon carpets are widely used and preferred. Apart from nylon, carpets of polyester, acrylic, olefin etc. are also in demand.

leather carpet
Leather carpets are in high demand in a particular category. These are available in many colors and ranges. These are made by machine. These types of carpets are very attractive to look at.


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