Beauty Tips for Men: Refreshing Skincare Hacks for Men to Beat the Heat fashion trends

Aging is okay but not premature aging which is characterized by sagging of the skin along with fine lines, pigmentation, loss of vitality and elasticity, and pollution, stress, contaminated and unhealthy diet/food, blue light from our screens and now heat characterized by heat. UV rays from the sun, excessive moisture and dust, we are aging faster than ever, making it important for women and even men to have an appropriate daily skin care regime. Changes in skin care are imperative with seasonal changes because as the seasons change, so do our moisture levels and the amount of moisture in the air that we are breathing and the skin is breathing, due to exposure to the sun. Along with the amount of change comes change, which can play a very important role. In skin pigmentation, aging and other factors.

Gone are the days when men traditionally kept skin care simple and now, more men are pursuing healthier, younger looking skin. It’s also a great time for men to evaluate their skincare routine and learn more about how to take care of their largest body part because of the brands and products that have been evolving at a leisurely pace for men and are now on the market. are not limited, even if skincare has traditionally been. Has been the domain of a woman.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Raveena Jain, Founder and CEO of The Skin Story and The Beard Story shared, “A good skincare routine is as good as the habits you adopt. Men, today are breaking the barriers of stigma and becoming more skin conscious. They should lean towards the natural way of taking care of their skin to resist the scorching heat and protect the skin from harmful UV rays. ,

She advised, “One of the best ways to reduce the toll of heat on your skin and maintain its natural glow is to make water your best friend. Drinking enough water will cleanse your skin from the inside out. Also, washing your face with a mild cleanser will ensure that dust does not accumulate in your pores and cause breakouts. Taking care of your beard is equally important, as it becomes a place for sweat and dirt to accumulate. Exfoliate your skin to remove dirt from pores and dry skin. It is extremely important to use a good sunscreen during summers. Additionally, try using a face moisturizer that will help your skin dry out and dry out. One cannot always avoid going out in the sun, but by taking care of your skin keeping external factors in mind, you can have clear and glowing skin all the time.”

Having said that the summer heat can wreak havoc on your skin as ultraviolet rays from the sun, excessive moisture and gruesome dust have the potential to damage the skin, clog pores, darken the skin tone and make it age faster. Sahil Mehta, CEO and founder of Man Arden, has listed some effective, refreshing summer skincare hacks for men. This includes:

1) Wear your sunscreen – Sunscreen is the most important skincare during summers. Apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before stepping out to give it enough time to absorb into the skin and prevent tanning.

2) Wash your face – It is necessary to wash your face twice a day. Remember to wash your face once in the morning and once at night with a gentle cleanser and moisturize it. Choose a cleanser and moisturizer according to your skin needs.

3) Take care of your beard- Always keep your beard clean as it can be a trap of dirt and sweat in summers and cause unwanted beard acne.

4) Face Mask – Face masks help to cool down stressed skin and reduce tanning and dullness caused by heat. Those with oily skin should apply a clay face pack.

5) Exfoliate – During summer our pores get enlarged due to which the skin breathes easily, resulting in excessive sweating and dirt clogging the pores leading to blackheads and breakouts. So take a scrub and remove all the dead skin and unclog the pores. Don’t miss out on exfoliation guys.

6) Stay hydrated – Most of us have been overlooking the power of drinking water and its positive effects on your skin. Removing the toxins internally is as important as washing the dust off the face. By doing this our skin retains its elasticity and remains fresh. Plus, a well-hydrated body keeps anti-aging away!

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