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Home bedroom Architectural Guide to the bedroom

Architectural Guide to the bedroom

Architectural Guide to the bedroom

If you want happiness in married life, then take special care that the bedroom should be airy and quiet. Do not let the sound of the conversation going on in the room go out. This increases sweetness in married life. Here Vastu Shastri Dr. Prem Gupta is giving information about many useful things related to the Vastu of the bedroom. Architectural Guide


* Make a swastika with gold water (put any gold jewelery in water and use this water) on every full moon day.

* Bedroom is the most important part of the house. Everything kept here has an effect on married life, such as photos, flower pots, beds etc. Here husband and wife can put their smiling photo together, but do not put the photo towards the feet.

* Place a picture of a couple birds with romantic poses in the room.

* Decorate the bedroom with sexy crystal couples and photos with romantic poses.

* Keep black sesame seeds in the north/west corner every new moon.

* To maintain romance and privacy, keep in mind that the bedroom window should not open in another room.

* Keep camphor in a silver bowl.

* Money plants are also planted for mutual love and beauty of the bedroom. These are the factors of Venus. By planting a money plant, the relationship between husband and wife becomes sweet.

* Due to the light pink color in the bedroom, love remains in the couples.

* Keep Shiva Rudraksha soaked in rose water.

* According to Vastu, always sleep with your head in the south or east direction, so that according to the magnetic field of the earth, you can get a long and deep sleep, comfortable and full sleep makes married life more pleasant.

* The wife should sleep on the left side of the husband.

* If there is a dressing table in the room, then take care that your reflection should not fall on the mirror while sleeping. If so, cover the mirror.

* Birds like love bird, mandarin duck are symbols of love. Keep a pair of their small idols in the room.

* There should be light and beautiful lighting in the bedroom, but the light should not fall directly on the bed.

* According to Vastu, there should not be a bathroom in the bedroom, because the mutual exchange of energies of both is not good for health.

* Still, if you want to have a bathroom in the bedroom, then get it built in the southeast angle. If this is not possible, then the bathroom can also be built in the north-west corner.

* If there is a bathroom in the bedroom, then every full moon or Friday wash the bathroom with salt water.

* Such couples, who want to get the happiness of children, they should put a photo showing the child form of Shri Krishna in their bedroom.

* Keep peacock feathers under the bed.

* It is not right according to Vastu Shastra to make a place of worship in the bedroom or to put a picture of gods and goddesses, yet if you want,
So the picture of Radha-Krishna can be put in the bedroom.

* If your financial condition is not good and for this reason the married life is not happy, then mix the holy crystals with rice grains in a beautiful bowl.

* Showpieces made of crystal quartz stone enhance the love of husband and wife. These crystals are pink in color and have a very good level of positive energy.

* Keep copper and brass coins in a red cloth bag.

* Sometimes negative things are visible from the bedroom window, such as dry trees, smoke coming out of factory chimney etc. To avoid such scenes, put curtains on the windows.

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don’t do that

* Do not put a mirror in the bedroom.

* Never keep a broken glass in the room.

* The bedroom should not be in the north direction. If yes, then wear a pearl bandana.

* The bed should not be in front of the door. If yes, then place a coral stone under the pyramid in the north/west corner.

There should be no sound of any kind while opening or closing the bedroom door.

* Keep scissors, press and needles away from the bed. Do not put a painting with a picture of water in the bedroom.

* Get a bad air conditioner or fan that makes noise when it is running, get it fixed immediately. Due to this, problems can arise in the relationship of couples.

* Do not keep roti iron beds in the room. As far as possible, keep wooden beds only. Do not forget to have spider webs in the bedroom.
Bhini-Bhini Khushboo and Romantic Music

* Keep scented candles, room fresheners and oils in the bedroom.

* While selecting perfume, keep in mind that whatever perfume and deo you use, it should be such that both of you like the fragrance.

* Mogra on Tuesday and rose perfume must be sprinkled on Friday.

* Apply romantic music to make partner’s mood sexy.

Usha Pannalal Gupta

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