All Time Favorite: Ginger-Litchi Lemonade

All Time Favorite: Ginger-Litchi Lemonade

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Some instant strengthener to display for kitty party and weekend party members, Tozinger-Litchi Lemonade (Ginger-Litchi Lemonade) is for you. ааа ааани ааана олни аааа аани ааана олни, of the compound Laila Yeh Cool Flowers of Chi and Angre.

Ginger-Litchi Lemonade


  • 100 ml. Lychee
  • 1 cup (cut into slices)
  • half-adhyay juice and kutta
  • 7-8
  • 7-8 basil
  • other than ice
  • Chimbar Salt


  • Lime juice in force, lychya, icy, moist and by landing with Waseam.
  • Stain in the soil.
  • Serve cold in cold temperature of basil-mint.

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