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40+ Amazing Home Cleaning Tips for Every Corner Of Your House (40+ Super Amazing Home Cleaning Tips for Every Corner Of Your House)

40+ Amazing Home Cleaning Tips for Every Corner Of Your House(40+ Super Amazing Home Cleaning Tips for Every Corner Of Your House)

To enhance the beauty of the house, it is important to keep it clean as well as decorating it well. If you don’t have time for daily cleaning, you can do cleaning on weekends. Radhika Yadav is telling easy tips to keep the house clean.

Keeping the kitchen clean is very important. How can every corner of the kitchen be made neat and clean? Let’s know.

Home Cleaning Tips


  • Before cleaning the fridge, take out the remaining vegetables and fruits from the fridge. Now lay a paper on the base of the fridge and de-frost by closing the door. After a while, remove the soaked paper by cleaning the dirt inside.
  • Use baking soda during cleaning to remove the smell coming from the fridge. This will remove the smell.
  • Clean the top of the fridge with a micro fiber cloth.
  • Do not keep leftover food in the fridge for a long time, it can spread the smell.

kitchen cabinet and counter

Home Cleaning Tips
  • If the cleanliness of the kitchen cabinet and counter is not taken care of, then both the mess and the embarrassment have to be faced. Therefore, make sure to clean it daily with a dry cloth.
  • Clean the garbage accumulated in the kitchen daily and immediately.
  • Keep all cabinets clean.
  • Remove the appliances kept on the kitchen counter and clean the kitchen cabinet twice a day and the counter once a day with a wet cloth.

gas stove

  • Clean the gas stove twice a week. First of all turn off the main gas connection. Then clean the upper part, knobs and handle of the stove with a wet sponge.
  • To clean the place where the stove is kept, clean it thoroughly by dipping a wet cloth in hot water soap.
  • Try not to spread the food on the stove and nearby places during cooking, and if it does spread, clean it immediately. When dry, the stains do not go away quickly.
  • After cooking every day, clean the oil splatter and dirt on the cabinet kept around the stove thoroughly. Due to this, dirt will not spread in the kitchen.

To remove the dirt accumulated in the inner parts of the oven, take a small bowl of ammonia powder, keep it in a cold oven and close it and open the oven in the morning and clean the dirt that emerged in it with a wet cloth.

bedroom and living room

Home Cleaning Tips

To keep the bedroom and living room clean, with special attention to the cleanliness of curtains, table cloths, sofa covers, etc., keep the following things in mind:

Start cleaning the room from the upper part of the room i.e. ceiling, such as ceiling lights, fans etc.

Wash the lights first by soaking a cloth in soapy water. Then wipe it off with a dry cloth.

If excess dust has accumulated on the fan blades, clean it with a wet cloth. Use a scrub pad if needed.

window and mesh

  • Clean windows and nets with a vacuum cleaner.
  • For cleaning glass on windows, spray a good quality liquid cleaner and wipe it with a clean cloth. Then clean the wet glass with paper. By doing this the glass will shine.

Vacuum cleaner is best for cleaning mattress. Due to this, the sticking dust and dirt gets cleaned easily and the effort has to be reduced.

Home Cleaning Tips


  • After cleaning the lights, fans etc. it is the turn of the floor. For this, take out the carpets laid on the floor and keep it to dry in the sun.
  • If they smell bad, spritz with baking soda and clean it up with a vacuum cleaner after 30 minutes.
  • As long as the carpet is kept outside in the sun, clean the place where the carpet is kept.
  • After sweeping, wipe the floor thoroughly with a wet cloth mixed with soap. Keep the fan fast so that the floor dries quickly. Otherwise dust can stick to the wetness.

electronic items

  • Take special care when cleaning the electrical equipment kept in the room. Clean the appliance by unplugging it.
  • Keep in mind that while cleaning electronic items, do not use excessively wet cloth or towel. Otherwise it’s going to be bad
    Can also prove to be dangerous.
  • Use a wet cotton swab to wipe off any dirt on the computer keyboard and remote.


  • Use furniture polish to polish the furniture.
    Furniture can also be cleaned using multipurpose cleaning.
  • While going out of the house, cover the furniture in the house with old bed sheets. With this the furniture will always be new.

not just home from dirty bathroom
The environment is bad, but there is also a risk of spreading diseases from it. So keep everything in the bathroom clean.

shower area

  • shower for partition
    and curtains between the bathrooms
    If so, then definitely change them once a week.
  • Clean the floor with a cleaner. It will not complain of slippery and also from foul smell
    You will get salvation.
  • Take special care of the tiles around the shower area in the bathroom. Keep cleaning the mold and soap scum on it continuously.

drainage system

  • Always keep the bathroom drainage system clean. Otherwise there may be a choke up. If the hair falls out during the hair wash, remove it immediately.
  • To clean the drainage, put a section of thin wire in the drain pipe and remove the garbage stuck in it.
  • Mix one-fourth cup of ammonia with four cups of hot water and pour it into the drain pipe of the bathroom and kitchen once a month, this will easily remove the dirt of soap and detergent accumulated in the pipe.

sink and toilet

  • Do not ignore the flush while cleaning the sink and toilet. To clean the flush, spread the toilet cleaner around the rim of the flush and leave it for some time. After that, clean the toilet seat with a brush and flush it.
  • Also, for cleaning the mirror installed in the sink and bathroom, make a solution of water and vinegar and clean the mirror by spraying them on a paper towel.
  • After that clean the mirror, sink and tap above by sprinkling soapy water, they will get a new shine.
  • To remove odor from the toilet, put a cup of vinegar on the toilet seat and clean it thoroughly after 5-10 minutes. This will remove the foul smell of the toilet. Also the toilet will glow.

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