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20 Vastu And Feng Shui Tips To Bring Wealth And Health Into Your Home : 20 Vastu And Feng Shui Tips To Bring Wealth And Health Into Your Home

20 Vastu And Feng Shui Tips To Bring Wealth And Health Into Your Home : 20 Vastu And Feng Shui Tips To Bring Wealth And Health Into Your Home

The necessities of life cannot be fulfilled without money, so it is very important to have enough money in the house. Tarot Reader and Vastu Expert Prem Panjwani We are telling you easy ways to increase wealth and happiness in the house.

Vastu And Feng Shui Tips

1) Laughing Buddha
Laughing Buddha is considered a symbol of success and economic prosperity, so the presence of Laughing Buddha at home, office, shop etc. is considered auspicious. It is believed that whoever comes to the mind of Laughing Buddha, he gets rich with gifts. You should also give Laughing Buddha a special place in your home-office.

2) Chinese coins
It is believed that Chinese coins are helpful in increasing wealth and keeping them in the house never leads to lack of money.

3) Three Legged Toad
Three legged toad i.e. three legged frog is considered very lucky. It is known as a symbol of wealth arrival. Keeping it in the house increases wealth and wealth.

4) picture of greenery
In today’s era of global warming, where the picture of greenery gives comfort to the eyes, it also brings prosperity in our life.

5) Crystal Bowl full of coins
This is a kind of lucky charm and keeping it in the house increases the income of the house. To get auspicious results on the occasion of Deepawali, you should also give a special place to the crystal bowl in the house.

Vastu And Feng Shui Home Tips

6) Wind Chimes
The sound of wind chimes flowing in the waves of the wind activates the chi energy, which brings good luck to the people living in the house.

7) Horse Shoe
Putting a horseshoe at the main entrance of the house increases good fortune. It is a belief that evil forces cannot enter the house where a horseshoe is placed on the main entrance and it also protects from evil eyes.

8) Bowl full of water
To get good luck, it is auspicious to keep a bowl full of water on the left side of the main door. If you want, you can also put rose petals in this bowl. This method proves to be very effective for doors facing north, east and south-east direction.

9) Fish Tank
Beautiful fishes swimming in the fish tank not only enhance the beauty of the house, but also bring good luck in the house. There should be a total of 9 fish in the fish tank, out of which 8 fish should be of red or golden color and 1 fish should be of black color. It is beneficial to place a fish tank containing gold fish in the east, north or south-east direction of the living room.

10) Phoenix Bird
The phoenix bird is considered a symbol of foresight and good luck, so it is especially beneficial for businessmen.

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Vastu And Feng Shui Home Tips

Good luck tips to get wealth and happiness
11) Fill a copper vessel with water in the northeast and cover it with a silver plate, put crystals on it and write Om Namah Shivaya on the copper vessel, this will increase positive energy and prosperity in the house.
12) After getting up in the morning, first of all, sprinkle a glass of water after cleaning the outside of the door. Doing this brings prosperity in home and business.
13) If the house is wiped continuously for fifteen days with salt solution and the water of salt solution is kept uncovered in one corner of the room, then the negative effects of negative energy are eliminated and positive energy is transmitted in the house. It happens.
14) Close the eyes and pronounce the sound of Om in the morning and evening with a calm mind.
15) Vastu defects are removed by applying red ribbon on the door frame of the entrance.

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Vastu And Feng Shui For Home

get your wish
We all may have different desires, but we all try our best to achieve them. Follow these tips to get the desired wishes:

16) Wearing a pendant made of clear quartz crystal in a chain or thread and wearing it around the neck pacifies the mind and brings good luck. If you want, you can also wear its bracelet.
17) Hang or keep two clear quartz crystal balls on the south-west side of the house to strengthen the happiness and peace in the house.
18) Keeping rose crystal of pink color in the south-west direction of the bedroom increases love between husband and wife. To increase love, sprinkle rose perfume on this crystal on Friday (you can also do this daily).
19) By placing crystals in the living room, there is a feeling of mutual love among the members of the family.
20) Put black colored crystal (on the right or left side) on the second door of the house (the door which is after the main gate). With this you can protect your house from evil eye.


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